Hill's Feline Kitten Chicken & Turkey Mousse

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A complete pet food for the weaning and growing kitten from 3 weeks until 1 year old, and for pregnant and nursing cats

Kittens need the right amount of different nutrients for healthy development. These nutrients must be precisely balanced, because too much can be as harmful as too little. It is also important to use high quality ingredients to help digestion, which is particularly sensitive at this lifestage. Hill's Science Plan provides precisely balanced nutrition to address your kitten's individual needs, avoiding any deficiency or excess of nutrients.

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Turkey (29%), pork, Chicken (9%), maize, minerals, animal fat, fish oil, digest, vitamins, taurine and trace elements.

• Cinically proven antioxidants for a healthy immune system

• High quality ingredients for gentle, healthy digestion

• Omega-3 fatty acid DHA for optimal brain development and increase alertness and quicken reactions

Each tin is 82g