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Kunduchi Super Grass

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It's quick and easy to grow

Kunduchi Super Grass adds roughage to your pets diet. It particularly helps cats to expel fur balls and other indigestible matter. Great for Cats, Birds and Guinea Pigs, and grows in only 7-12 days.  

• Pierce 5-6 holes in the base of the container

• Remove the lid

• Water well and stand on a plate or lid 

• Place in a light spot and water regularly

• Ready to enjoy when 7 to 10cm high

• Kunduchi Super Grass is a highly nutritious living supplement for cats, birds and guinea pigs etc to eat.

• Adds a natural source of roughage to the diet.

• Assists cats with expelling hair balls and other indigestible matter.

• It's as simple as adding water

• Grows in only 7-12 days

15.5 x 13.5 x 5.5cm