Ezidri Snackmaker Dehydrator

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Making your own healthy snacks has never been this much fun!

When you think of great, healthy snacks, dried fruit and biltong seem pretty good. But when you rack up all the extra salt, sugar and preservatives used in conventional drying and preserving, you realise it's not really that great. But what if you could make your own dried snacks at home? Dried kiwi and grapes, anyone? Using the Ezidri Snackmaker you can make all the dried snacks your heart desires.

With three choices of temperature and a drying capacity of 15 trays, the Snackmaker is the perfect all-rounder.

The Snackmaker can be used for dehydrating anything from herbs to fruit, from meat to vegetables – even flowers... all in one unit!
It is a great way to get into dehydrating, because it offers you plenty of drying flexibility and variety at an affordable price.

By choosing the Snackmaker, you are able to dry herbs, flowers & meats in the future, even though your first thought may have only been fruit rollups & vegetables! (This is the difference between the Snackmaker & the Classic. Because of its fixed temperature, your drying ability is limited with the Classic).
No rotation of trays required. Short drying times, average 8-12 hours for most produce depending on moisture content. The Snackmaker boasts low running costs and a thermal cut out safety feature for your peace of mind.

What else can I dehydrate?
• In an Ezidri or Kuto dehydrator you can dehydrate just about anything. Fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices, vegetable powders, fruit roll ups, fish and biltong (meat or vegan). Create soup and trail mixes, crackers, nuts and sprouts. In addition the dehydrators can be used to dry flowers, cake and biscuit decorations, dry dough and plaster of Paris art and other crafts. Also great for making treats for the family pets!

Why use a dehydrator and not an oven?
• A dehydrator dries food as opposed to baking it and this not only preserves the enzymes but produces a much more nutrients dense product. Also, the variety of uses of a dehydrator are not in the same arena as an oven which is great for roasting and baking.

Is it safe to dry meat in a dehydrator?
• Yes, the temperatures are high enough to dry the meat and to kill any harmful bacteria.

Are the materials that the food comes into contact with in a dehydrator safe?
• Yes all the plastic materials are BPA free and other materials such as stainless steel are food safe.

How do I clean the inside of the Kuto dehydrator?
• Clean with a damp cloth soaked in water with a tablespoon of white vinegar which will act as a deodorizer.

How to clean the racks and trays?
• The racks and trays can be soaked in warm soapy water to loosen any produce or material that has dried onto the surface. Clean the trays and racks with a dishwashing brush. Rinse and dry.

What is the difference between the Ezidri with the round tray and the square tray of the Kuto dehydrators?
• The Ezidri has round trays and the heating element is at the bottom. Warm air rises through a channel on the perimeter of the trays and the warm air flows across each tray removing the moisture via a central chimney. This ensures that each tray received similar air flow and there is no cross contamination of scents and flavours. 

Will the timers automatically turn the dehydrators off?
• Yes, if you are away or asleep they will switch off automatically.

Can the dehydrators be left on unattended?
• Yes. The Ezidri has thermal overload protection.

How much produce can I fit on the dehydrators?
• The Ezidri Snackmaker or Ultra will hold about ½kg per tray.

What are the mesh sheets used for?
•Mesh Sheets are used for drying herbs and other fine fruit pieces that are small enough to fall through the gaps on the trays. (Especially when they have shrunk though drying)

What are the solid sheets/ trays used for?
• They are used for drying any wet materials such as: Fruit leather, Crackers, Patties, Marinated fruit and vegetables. They are also handy as a catch tray when drying marinated produce that can drip or when drying flowers and herbs. It is advisable to apply a thin layer of oil to the sheet prior to use.

Can I purchase extra trays, solid and mesh sheets for an Ezidri dehydrator?
• Solid and mesh sheets and spacers and additional trays for the Ezidri dehydrators can be purchased.

What is the warranty on my unit?
• Ezidri Snackmaker: 2 year usage warranty - Domestic use only.

Where should I put my dehydrator when in use?
• Always operate your dehydrator in a well ventilated area opening at least one window to allow the moisture to escape.

Is it cheaper to make your own family treats than buying ready-made?
• It is substantially cheaper and an important aspect is the fact that you choose the ingredients ensuring that they do not contain chemical preservatives, colourings, flavourings.