Hi Team,
I have received the order – thank you !
Really appreciate the hand written note to Paige and Blade and the extra biscuit treat - they absolutely loved it.
Very special of you.
Thank you for all the little gifts that came with my order.

Everyone is delighting in the little squeaky flufftoy.
Thanks again for the fantastic service.
Thank you for the speedy delivery and for the sweet card ! The dogs are just going to LOVE their new balls and Angie her treat thank you!!!
Thank you so much for the great service!
I was amazed at your super efficient delivery of my kids toys yesterday.

Thank you so much, they were so happy when I gave it to them. The Nylabones are the best toys ever and they last the longest.

Have a great day.
Dear All at ShingaPet,

Guss says THANK YOU very much for the replacement Tizzy!! It was delivered today and he is all happiness!!!!!!!

Lilly (his best friend) was at first very sad because she did not get a new present … but fortunately there was something in the bag for her … a nice bone shape biscuit! Thank you very much!!

We all really appreciate the effort that you made to replace the Tizzy! It is Lilly’s birthday in August … and we will have to buy her something nice from the ShingaPet website!
Thank you so much for your great and speedy service. Will definitely make
use of your website again.
Thank you for all the trouble I have received the order, it is really beautiful! Dexter is loving his new little tent
WOW! Excellent service! I just got my parcel now, everything including Courier guy was speedy and brilliant. I am thrilled!
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