Buy For Charity

You can judge the morality of a nation by the way the society treats its animals. -Mahatma Gandhi

Pets like dogs, cats, hamsters etc. enrich our lives and numerous studies have proven the positive effect they have on human lives. Yet despite the good that they do, these animals often suffer great neglect and abuse at the hands of the humans that are meant to love and protect them.

At Shinga, we support responsible pet ownership practices such as proactive spaying or neutering to control the population, vaccination and pet adoption. We also want to play a role to improve the lives of neglected, abandoned and abused animals by supporting organisations that care for these animals.

While there are many who do an outstanding job in protecting and caring for animals in distress, we selected three organisations to be beneficiaries of our ‘Buy for Charity’ programme:

    Barking Mad,
•    Kitty & Puppy Haven, and
•    SA Guide Dogs

Like any charity, these groups rely on funding, donations and sponsorships for their survival and to continue their good work. However, we know that many people are uncomfortable with cash donations and would prefer instead to donate practical supplies to such charities.

With this in mind, we developed the ‘Buy for Charity’ programme. All the charities we support desperately need toys and food for the animals under their care and by supporting this initiative, you are assured that your donation is not only appropriate, but also reaches the right destination without the risks associated with cash donations.

How does Buy for Charity work?

We promise that this idea will not let you break a sweat – it is super easy to participate.

Step one

Browse our site and find stimulating pet toys, games, puzzles, food or any other products you love and select them for a charity pet.

Step two

When you are finalising the purchase, select the box that reads: “Buy for Charity”.

Step three

Select the charity you want to support with your purchase - Barking Mad, Kitty & Puppy Haven or SA Guide Dogs.

Step four

Shinga will deliver the products you chose for the charity at our cost.

But that's not all, when you select to buy a product for one of the charities, Shinga will also discount the price of the product by 5%. This automated discount only applies to "Buy for Charity" selections. If you made a mistake and the product was meant for you, we will need to request that full payment of the product price be made before delivery.

So, this is your chance to show your love and appreciation for pets. Thank you for your donation!