Tunnelling For Cats

By Valdette Muller| December 18, 2017 | Blog

Play with feet

Most cats love to play under the covers of your bed or try to get at your feet as you move under the blanket.

This sort of fun activity is great for your kitty because it provides good exercise and stimulates their mind.

All cats are curious and inquisitive. They love to hunt and enjoy the thrill of the unknown.

Cats naturally love to look under things and go exploring. There are many types of tunnelling toys that you can get your cat. Tunnel toys make an ideal play accessory for any indoor or outdoor cat.517I-4RV4GL._SS500_

Most cat tunnels that you can buy today are made of a special nylon that contains materials such as crinkle crackle paper inside the walls or floors of the tunnel. This will make fun sounds when the cat or something else touches or walks on the inside of the tunnel which will stimulate your cat’s senses even more in the tiny space of the tunnelOther tunnel toys are soft and comfy inside, great for cat naps as well as playing.

These tunnels are a lot of fun and are similar to your bed covers. You could use the tunnel to play with your cat as you tease your cat with a toy by dangling it in the tunnel as your cat hides.

You might find your cat may start teasing you back as it hides in the tunnel, thinking that you cannot find it.

Tunnels can provide much fun for any cat of any age. They can chase and run through at quick speeds, or they can have fun hiding out or it can be used by your cat as a quiet, small, and intimate space to rest and have a cat nap.

For most cat owners and rescue centres, tunnels are the best choice of toy and a excellent source of activity. Cat tunnels generally come with toys attached to the entrances or rings to give them additional space within the tunnel. Some have collapsed areas in the tunnel that give the cat an element of fun in crawling through it.

Cat tunnels are light, easy to pack away and easy to transport.

Most cats enjoy  tight, small spaces and can usually be found inside our cupboards, under our beds or inside boxes.

For insecure or nervous cats, cat tunnels is a perfect toy to help them feel secure while playing. It teaches nervous cats to feel secure even when there is activity happening around them.

How do I introduce a tunnel toy to my cat?Hunter_Cat_Tube

It is quite easy to introduce a cat to a tunnel toy as most cats love the tunnelling experience. For those cats who need more encouragement, a toy or treat placed at the entrance of the tunnel may help them warm up to it.

When you get a cat tunnel, simply place it on the floor and let your cat explore it, sniff it and let it get used to it in their own time.

Do not force the cat into the tunnel as this can cause your cat to get fearful or stressed out, especially if your cat has a nervous or shy personality.

If your cat is unsure of the tunnel, chances are they will just sniff around it a bit and then maybe start exploring and enjoying their new tunnel toy in their own time.

Do not roll the tunnel towards your cat. Cats do not like to enter moving objects and can become fearful of the object and run away. Simply weigh down each end of the tunnel to give it some stability if this does bother your cat.

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