Why Treat Dispensing Toys for Dogs?

By Valdette Muller| August 31, 2017 | Blog


Our dogs are given their meals daily without question, compensation or challenge.

Scavenging animals like dogs spend a large part of their day looking and sniffing out things of interest… they can also possibly eat. For most dogs, getting hold of something to eat can be the most interesting and satisfying thing they do. It is an activity that occupies their brains and their noses. Once accomplishing the feat of finding or eating the food, it leaves your dog happy, satisfied and relaxed.

Meal time for dogs lasts on average 2 minutes or less each day, and then it is over. Our dogs then go looking for something else to do which can lead to bad habits such as digging, barking all day and chewing.

Even with daily exercise and some reward-based training every day, your dogs can still have a lot of time on their paws.

Treat/Food dispensing toys.

Food/treat-dispensing dog toys provide mental and physical stimulation that may decrease the chances of your dog developing boredom-related behaviour problems, such as barking all day, digging up your garden and chewing things they shouldn’t.

Your dog can go at the toy for hours while learning about the toy and trying to get at the treats/food inside. These treat dispensing toys help burn off energy and provide stimulation.

Busy Buddy Squeak n Treat Booya: This is one of the most durable treat and squeaker toys on the market today. The squeaky sound appeals to your dog’s natural prey drive and the durable rubber design has a funky bounce for games of fetch or tug-of-war.

Busy_Buddy_Squeak_n_Treat_Booya_2Fill the toy with treats, kibble or a mixture of wet and dry food and let your doggy play. This toy is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Kong_WobblerThe Kong Wobbler: The KONG-shaped Wobbler is an action-packed treat and kibble dispensing toy. Similar to a bowl of kibble but one that your dog would have to wobble around to get to the kibble inside. Its made of durable plastic and has a hole opening on the side. Fill the Wobbler with kibble or treats, and let the games begin!

West Paw Tux: Great for wet and dry food, this super durable treat dog toy is made of 1-of-a-kind plastic called Zogoflex. This toy will hold up to some serious pawing, chomping or chewing.

West_Paw_Tux_2It is another excellent way for your dog to keep their jaws strong and healthy while chewing on it. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude: A great bouncy, durable toy that comes in various sizes.

busy-buddy-squirrel-dudeThis toy randomly dispenses both dry and wet treats which provides your dog with hours of fun and rewards. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Buster Cube: Made of tough, durable ABS plastic, the Buster Food Cube provides valuable mental stimulation and exercise. The Buster Food Cube is easy to use.

Buster_CubeAll that is needed is a handful of dry food or treats placed in the cube through the opening. Then allow your dog to learn how to roll the cube and get the food out.

Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble: This toy helps your dog actively engage with their food during mealtimes.

Busy_Buddy_Kibble_NibbleThe toy holds an entire meal of kibble and is the perfect way to turn mealtime into playtime!

For more varieties of  treat dispensing toys for puppies and adult dogs, check out Shinga’s online store.

Tips for the treat toy.

Do Not Use the toy for regular feedings: Despite the potential benefits that these toys give to your dog, if you overuse a food-dispensing dog toy to feed your dog, it may result in your dog refusing his or her regular meals. Instead consult with your dog trainer, behaviourist or veterinarian on how frequently you should be using the toy.

Toy must be durable: Food dispensing toys must be durable and sturdy enough to withstand an assault from a frustrated canine when the treats run out. Make sure that parts of the toy do not come off easily,a and ensure the toy is not too small or easy to swallow.

Toy must be easy to clean: Make sure your treat toy can be cleaned easily. Dishwasher safe toys are an ideal choice when it comes to treat toys.

Stuffing your treat toy: Just because your food-dispensing toy can be filled with any food, does not mean you should give just about any type of food to your dog. Use healthy treats when stuffing your treat toys and consult with your vet on what treats would be appropriate, especially if your dog has weight problems.

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