Top 7 indoor games to play with your Pomeranian

By Valdette Muller| May 19, 2015 | Blog

flying-pomeranianAlthough a Pom is a tiny little tyke, generally weighing between 1kg and 3kg, he doesn’t know it and won’t believe it even if you tell him. However despite being small, these doggies have big appetites for fun and we’ve made a list of entertaining indoor games you can play with your Pomeranian.

1. Play Hide and Seek

Poms usually have loads of energy and love being close to their owners, which makes playing hide and seek perfect for these furkids. Let your Pom wait in one room while you go find a hiding spot elsewhere in the house. Once there, call him and praise him enthusiastically when he finds you

2. Bubbles Popping

Have you seen this video of a baby giggling while a dog tries to catch bubbles You can use ordinary bubbles made for children, because these are non-toxic and safe for furkids too. Your Pom will adore playing this game, so make sure you have your phone close by to capture the cute moments.

3. Create an Indoor Obstacle Course

No special equipment needed for this fun game, only your imagination and enthusiasm.

Create a simple obstacle course for your Pomeranian by rolling up a few towels and placing them on the floor, about one metre apart. Add a trail of toys, each about 30cm apart, and end the course with a blanket. Now, teach your energetic little fur ball to jump over the towels, weave through the toys and then lay down on the blanket. Not only will you both have fun, it will keep your Pom mentally stimulated too.

4. It’s hunting time

This breed is also extremely intelligent and they will easily learn to ‘hunt’ for their food. Grab a few doggy treats and make sure he sees you walking away with them. Let your Pom wait in one room while you hide the treats in another part of the house. Hide them in places where this little guy can reach; i.e. not too high. Once you’re done, call him to the room, then say SEARCH! (or a similar command). The first time you play this game, keep saying SEARCH and show him where the first treat is. He’ll soon get the hang of the game and when he does, encourage him with praise every time he finds a treat.

5. Dog fishing

Make a “dog fishing rod” by tying string to a small piece of PVC pipe. On the other end of the string, tie a toy as “lure.” Now, stand in one spot and move the lure so that your Pom can see it move. Your doggy will start to chase the lure and you can move the lure in different directions to help him exert a lot of energy in a small space and have loads of fun. Remember to allow him to catch the lure every now and then as reward for the hard work.

6. Tug of war

As mentioned, your perky Pomeranian will mostly forget their size, which is also why they love playing tug of war. They really believe they will win! This game is mentally and physically challenging and can be played in small spaces. Use an old t-shirt, soft toy or a gentle rope toy to challenge your Pom. Remember to let him win occasionally.

7. Spa day

A grooming session may not be as much fun as playing tug of war, but because Pomeranians are so affectionate, they will love the attention they receive from a home spa day. The agenda can include a combination of brushing, bathing, trimming nails and cleaning teeth. Don’t hesitate to hand out oodles of treats during a spa day – you want your Pom to associate grooming habits with a positive experience.

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