Things We Can Learn From Our Pets

By Valdette Muller| November 30, 2017 | Blog


Our pets can teach us so many lessons in life. 

Here are a few things they have taught us that have shaped us into the pet owners we are today. People love to take inspiration from their pet personalities and enjoy finding they have similar traits to our own.

They show us how to cultivate friendships.

We humans are very social creatures and can cultivate many valuable friendships. Our pets also make friends for life, and often build deep bonds with their owners and the animals they share the home with.

They teach us to not hold grudges.

Our pets love us so much that they tend to just let bygones be bygones. It is a mystery but pets usually get over something that we have done to them quite quickly. They may hate bath time or when we leave them behind for work, but when when we return they’re usually ready to meet us.

They teach us to always be curious.

While curiosity for a cat or a dog can lead lead to problem if it involves something hazardous, they generally are interested in everything, and are captivated by things like butterflies and the beach. Similarly if we adopt an attitude of curiosity, interest and sometime, sheer wonder we can expand our knowledge and skills and see the world a bit more differently.

Our pets teach us to laugh and to be silly.

Goofing off is not just for kids. We as adults also need to indulge ourselves in a little silliness once in a wile. It can have great health benefits for us human beings. When we see how funny our pets can be we cannot help ourselves but to play with them, laugh at them or be silly with them. Play can enhance intelligence, creativity, problem-solving, and social skills.

If you are thirsty drink water.

When your pet is thirsty, it will find water and drink that rather than begging for a sports drink or soft drink. Water is the healthiest option out there. Drinking water is the better way to stay hydrated after a work out or sitting around all day. Water gives your muscles and tissues critical fluid without adding calories. As your pet drinks more water when its hot, so should you.

If your pet loves you they will show it.

Dogs will never play hard to get when they want to give you affection and show you how much them love you. Studies have shown that when couples show their loving devotion to one another, partners feel more satisfied and more connected.

Our pets teach us to get out more and to enjoy the great outdoors.

As we need to take our pets out and about every week, we learn to do it for ourselves as well. Going for a run or a walk in the great outdoors with our dogs helps us as well as it helps them. A hike in the forest or up a mountain may be your dog’s idea of bliss, but it has plenty of blissful benefits for us humans too. Spending time outdoors is great for the mind and for the body. It enhances our fitness levels, increases our vitamin D take-in and reduces stress.

Our pets teach us to sit and listen.

As a pet owner I find myself talking to my pet after a long and hard day. Most pet owners find ourselves getting lost in a conversation with our pets even though they say nothing back. They simply look at us or sit and they listen. We can learn from this and as we interact with our friends and loved ones.

To groom and pamper ourselves.

Our pets always make time for grooming themselves. Aside from the obvious health benefits of bathing and brushing your teeth, grooming yourself regularly and keeping yourself neat can have a number of positive effects on your life. Pampering and personal hygiene is vital to boosting your self-esteem.

Pets teach us to be content and grateful for what we have.

We as humans always seem to be comparing ourselves with each other. Our pets are super content with the basics of life such as food, water, shelter, and love. It is a bonus for our pets to get outings, toys, and a nice open garden to play in and explore. We do not find our pets questioning who they are as a dog or a cat. We do not see a dog comparing itself with another. Our pets know who they are as animals and understand their identity and are grateful for the time they have everyday that they can spend with us, there is definitely something to be said for that!



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