The Shinga Story

By Valdette Muller| October 14, 2013 | Blog

Shinga Email Newsletter ImageIf you asked me in 2011, when I founded Shinga, where I see the business going in the next two to three years, I’d never have guessed us ending up here.

I’ve always wanted to start my own business, but you never know whether you need to take the leap or stay put. The idea to start Shinga was born when I was looking for educational products for our girl, Anouk (Scottish terrier), but couldn’t find anything suitable in South Africa. While on honeymoon in Bali and Hong Kong, Francois and I came across a pet shop that stocked Nina Ottosson educational puzzles and I decided to buy one for Anouk to try – she simply loved it!

That sealed the deal and after several years in the Veterinary industry I took the leap and Shinga Veterinary Services was born. The core idea was to import educational and mental stimulating pet toys to South Africa. I wanted to offer a variety of quality pet toys that are durable and unique – something you won’t get from your local retailer or other distributors.

Free delivery bannerToday, our range of products include food, training aids, puzzles, food dispensing toys and a host of unique, durable products that pets love. our new website,, provides clients with an outstanding shopping experience, making it a breeze to spoil their furry friends or sponsor a treat for an animal in need.

Our ‘Buy for Charity’ initiative has become very popular among animal lovers who want to make a difference to the life of a pet in need, but without the risks associated with cash donations. We feel passionate about interactive pet toys for all animals, with our without a family.

Thank you for sharing our journey with us this far. I am looking forward to hear from you on our Facebook Page or to connect via Twitter.


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