The Latest Trend: Modern Cat Furniture

By Valdette Muller| September 1, 2018 | Blog

New trends in cat furniture and housing focus on secure, well-built items that enrich a cat’s life and fit seamlessly into your household décor.

The trend of pet products, according to industry experts, is being driven in a large part by the humanization of pets overall.

Pets are becoming increasingly a part of our family lives and many consider their pets to be like their children. It is no coincidence that we would spoil, pamper and treat them as such.

Cats have also become one of the most popular pets to watch on the internet. This popularity resulted in a change in how pet ownership is viewed.

Companies started to become more aware of the cat owner as an important consumer and began researching and concentrating more on the feline sector.

This has led to a massive increase in options in furniture, toys and accessories available for owners, such as shelving affixed against the wall, window perches, scratch poles, objects that are more engaging for cats, and made safer and from better quality materials, providing sophistication with all the elements of lounging and play that cats desire.

Industry participants have seen that cat owners want quality products that can keep their cats entertained and comfortable while blending in with the interior of their homes.

Consumers want to be able to integrate cat furniture into their homes without sacrificing too much style from their décor. This has resulted in a trend toward more styled products that are both functional for the cats and pleasing to the tastes of the owner as well.

As the consumer watches and learns from cat behavior they become more educated and aware of the importance of an enriched environment for cats, which includes furniture and other products that promote cat activity.

Pet furniture benefits

Providing activity tools and cat-specific furniture is not just for entertaining the cat, but it can assist in a cat’s physical health and help the cat feel more relaxed. For example: Cat furniture can be designed to form a space that could provide an escape for your cat if it becomes stressed, scared or simply requires alone time away from the busy household.

Furniture and other activity products made for cats should fulfil the natural instincts and behaviour. For example: Behaviour issues—which might result in damaged human furniture—can occur when cats are not given suitable opportunities to stretch and exercise.

Cats enjoy stretching, climbing, hiding and exploring. Designs that incorporate multiple angles will allow cats to stretch, scratch and find quite secluded places for them to enjoy.

Manufacturers are using natural materials to create cat trees that are both stylish and environmentally conscious. Plus, the products come in neutral tones, making the trees and perches easy to integrate into any pet owner’s home.



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