Supplements for Senior Dogs

By Valdette Muller| February 2, 2017 | Blog


Many people take vitamins and dietary supplements and are likely to give them to their pets as well.

Before treating any condition or symptoms in your older dog, make sure to get a proper veterinary diagnosis. Once you know what to treat you will be able to choose products specifically designed for that illness or condition.

Most dogs receive the necessary vitamins and minerals from a diet of commercially produced food. Adding additional vitamins and minerals unnecessarily could be harmful. Too much calcium in the body may cause skeletal problems. Too much Vitamin A may cause dehydration and joint pain and an excess of Vitamin D may harm bones and cause muscles to atrophy.

A good quality food must always be used to keep your dog healthy no matter what age. A strong immune system helps to fight disease, pain and mild discomfort.

A good multi vitamin can make a big difference in how your older dog feels and can help alleviate many common health problems. Many older dogs experience digestive problems and a good probiotic can be given, which are safe for long-term use. They help to maintain a healthy level of good bacteria in the digestive system.

Many older dogs will suffer from arthritis which is a debilitating and painful condition. Fish oils are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and are beneficial as anti-inflammatories.  Assisting not only with joint function but will benefit the skin, coat and cardiovascular system as well. Any joint supplement is not a substitute for pain medication that may be needed.

Liver supplements can be given to help the liver with the detoxing function when the liver is struggling with disease. Antioxidants containing vitamin C and E have also been found to reduce inflammation in aging dogs.

Before purchasing any vitamins or supplements it’s advisable to do your own homework. Look for companies whose products are for a specific condition and who have done clinical trials of their products. Be wary of “too good to be true “claims with promises of miracle cures for diseases. Be very cautious of giving human supplements to dogs as many of the ingredients e.g.  garlic can be harmful.

A dog’s life span has significantly increased from previous generations, thanks in part to better veterinary care and the excellent nutrition that is available. Once given the green light from your vet, giving your senior dog health supplements will keep him or her healthy in their golden years.


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