Why Shampoos For Pets?

By Valdette Muller| October 20, 2017 | Blog

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Why should I use Pet Shampoo on my pets and not my human products?

Dogs groom themselves and most seem to love to play and roll in disgusting things.

Cats on the other hand groom themselves quite regularly, yet they roll in dust and do tend to get themselves into messy, even sticky situations from time to time.

Our 4-legged friends seem to enjoy getting messy, It is part of their charm, right? Although it is not recommended that you bath our pets too often.

It might be tempting to just use your human shampoo and conditioners as they are cheaper and more on hand to wash your cat or dog, but it really is not a good idea.

Human shampoos can clean your dog or cat, but its not good for them.

Although the odd shampoo wash may not do them much harm, frequent use of human products can become harmful to your pets and certainly will not do their skin or their coats any favours.

‘Pet Shampoos’ are not a marketing gimmick, they have been proven to be far more superior and safe for washing your pets than human shampoos.

Animal Skin vs. Human Scalp

Our shampoos contain chemicals that are harsh on our pet’s skins and coats.

Our Skin pH levels: Human shampoos tend to be acidic in order to best clean our skin and hair, which has a pH level between 5.2 and 6.2.

Pets Skin pH levels: Dogs have an alkaline skin pH of up to 7 – using human shampoos on them can disrupt or remove much of your pet’s protective acid mantle, in doing so you are creating an environment that has little or no protection against bacteria, parasites, and viruses that can run rampant.

Many pet owners keep washing their dogs and cats with human products to dispel the smell caused by a proliferation of bacteria. Unfortunately this only makes the problem worse as the skin’s acid mantle/pH level then becomes even more imbalanced.

Human shampoos can make your pet’s skin dry out, this will then lead to your dog or cat scratching at their skin more frequently, creating abrasions for bacteria to invade. This causes a vicious cycle.

Best pet products to consider.

There are plenty of good pet shampoos available, but you should choose a shampoo that must suit your dog or cats specific needs and requirements. Make sure to check up from your vet first when selecting a shampoo, especially if your pet is proscribed a medicated shampoo on the bases that they have skin allergies, an infection or other skin conditions.

If you are unable to find pet shampoo, the best alternative is a mild baby shampoo.

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