The Scoop On Your Dogs Poop – 5 Points To Check.

By Valdette Muller| July 19, 2017 | Blog


Poop is a subject few people want to talk about.

You might be slightly disinclined to talk about poop, or you may even become nauseated at the mere mention of it.

Next time when cleaning your dog’s poop, try taking a good look at it. The poop can be the best way to see what is going on in your dog’s body.

It may be a grotesque subject but there is a lot about your pet’s stool that can be an indicator of their health.

Here are 5 points to look out for regarding your dog’s poop.


  • Content: One thing that is normally found in poop is… well poop! However look out for things that are not normal such as parts of a toy or bits of clothing that your dog may have eaten. You must also look out for things that look like small grains of white rice, this could indicate worms. Look out for excessive mucus, this could mean an inflamed colon.
  • Consistency: Poop must be firm and must have a clay-like or play-dough consistency, but not too hard or too soft. Making this diagnosis for yourself is unfortunately Beco_Poop_Bags_2a hands-on endeavour — which is why having poop bags is so important for checking and cleaning up your dog’s stools. Poop disposable bags are especially made 100% biodegradable and are more durable than ordinary bags. They are also made to eliminate the bad smell. If your dog’s poop is too hard, it could indicate that your pup is dehydrated or that they ate something hard like a bone or gravel/rocks. There are also certain medications that can affect the moisture in the digestive tract.
  • Size, frequency and volume: Too much poop can be a result of too much fibre in your dogs diet and could lead to diarrhea, or if your dog is passing too little excrement it could be the result of being constipated. Being constipated for a day is not something to worry about, but if it continues for several days one should seek veterinary help.
  • Shape: If poop comes out as anything other than a regular sized log formation, then there may be something wrong. If your adult male dog is pushing out pencil shapes, his prostate may be enlarged and would need to be seen by a vet. Once again if the poop is too hard that it creates cannon ball shapes, or if too soft that it falls into a puddle or mushy cloud, there may be cause for concern.
  • Colour: Checking the colour of your dog’s poo is by far the best way to check if your dog is healthy. The ideal colour for poop should be a rich chocolate brown colour, anything else should be a cause for concern if it persists. Green can mean your dog has eaten too much grass. Orange or yellow, usually in older dogs can indicate problems with the liver. Grey and greasy, usually in older dogs can be a sign of pancreas or liver issues. Black and tarry, in any age of dog can indicate bleeding in the digestive tract.



There are 3 major things that really need serious attention if found in your dog’s poop.

White rice-like flecks which could indicate your dog has worms.

Black and tarry colouring may indicate internal bleeding.

Red streaks on and around your dog’s poop could indicate that your dog has cuts in the anus or something more serious requiring veterinary attention.

As a pet owner, if you are concerned for your pup’s health and would like to get to the bottom of your dog’s poop problems,  please take your dog for a regular check up and ask your vet to do a stool test if you suspect something is wrong.


The scoop on poop…your dog’s that is


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