Pet Profile: Dachshund

By Valdette Muller| July 25, 2017 | Blog


The Dachshund is one of the most recognisable & most popular dog breeds.

The Dachshund packs a whole lot of personality into a tiny body, along with curiosity and boldness.


The name Dachshund comes from the German word “Dachs” meaning “badger” and “hund” which means dog.

Germany is known to be the Dachshund’s birth place. The breed dates back to 15th century Germany, and is believed to be a combination of Pincher and French Basset Hound.

They were bred for hunting badgers, foxes, rabbits and other smaller animals such as rodents and birds.

Their short legs and long torsos allowed them to burrow into smaller spaces and tunnel out their prey.

The breed has inherited many affectionate and loving nicknames such as wiener dog, hot dog, sausage dog, Doxie, Dashie, and (especially in Germany) Teckels, Dachels, or Dachsels.

Dachshunds have long been a favourite subject of cartoonists and toy makers, because of their almost comical appearance and charm.

They are bred in a variety of sizes & colours.

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Many people are used to seeing the miniature Dachshund, but you also get the standard size and “toy” sized dachshund.

While you are probably used to seeing red or black & tan colouring with smooth fur, there are over 16 varieties of colour along 3 fur traits including  short and smooth long-haired fur and wire-haired fur.



Dachshunds are active, playful and fun-loving dogs. They are very  feisty and are known for their determination, ferocity and courage when chasing animals, birds…and tennis balls.

Dachshunds are always alert and for a small dog they have a big bark and they have a strong sense of smell. All these qualities make them superb watchdogs.

Though they are tiny, Dachshunds believe they are in charge most of the time.

They are proud little dogs who resist force and can become irritable and respond defensively if pushed too far (teased or handled harshly).

They are intelligent and have the tendency to be stubborn, but with proper training, patience and persistence they can become one of the most loyal and well behaved dogs. Give positive reinforcement training by offering praise and treats.

Dachshunds can do well with other pets especially if you socialise them early on with other pets. If they are brought up with children, they can become good family dogs.

If you do not socialise them with other pets, family and friends, they become weary and sometime hostile towards strangers. They are known to be very protective and territorial towards their home and their owners.

Health & Exercise

Energy is one of the many traits when it comes to Dachshunds. They enjoy walks and playing outdoors with other dogs, they also love to dig and hunt.

For a happy and healthy Dachshund, not a lot of strenuous activity is required. However, they should be allowed to get out and run/go for a walk once in a while.

They are prone to weight problems so having a run around the garden or a walk around the block can be very beneficial for a Dachshund’s health.

Intervertebral Disc Disease: Dachshunds are known to have back problems because of their short legs and long back.

1 out of  4 Dachshunds get spinal problems and tend to strain their back too much by moving the wrong way, or falling or jumping on or off furniture too often.

Symptoms of this disk problem include an inability to raise up on the rear legs, paralysis, and sometimes loss of bowel and bladder control.

To help out with their back problems, get a ramp or steps and teach them to use it if they want to climb on to the couch or bed. Always be careful when holding a Dachshund that you support their bottom and chest.

Dachshunds are intelligent and have the tendency to become bored, this can cause them to go about on their own in order to find something to do but can also get them into trouble and cause destructive behaviour. Give your Dachshund an interactive toy to play with. Give them something that will challenge and stimulate them, and in turn combat the boredom.

As Dachshunds are very social dogs and devoted dogs, it is ideal that you spend a lot of time with them and give them lots of interaction and affection.



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