Interactive play with your pet

By Valdette Muller| January 27, 2015 | Blog

The purpose of interactive and activating pet toys, games and puzzles is to provide owners the opportunity to activate their dog or cat in an easy and fun way at home, through each life stage.


Interactive play encourages your puppy or kitten to be curious and playfully explore the world from a young age. This builds self-confidence – a very important aspect in raising a well-balanced pet.

Start using interactive and activating toys, games and puzzles with puppies from when they are about 10 weeks old. It’s very important to start with simple and easy toys and only play for a short time, as they have a short attention span. During playtime, be positive and give lots of praise and don’t use negative words like “no”.


Dog playing with a Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude Interactive Toy

Playing with a Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude

All dogs and cats enjoy a variety of activities and appreciate trying new things. Pets are intelligent and in time figure out the

games’secrets, making it important to gradually increase the difficulty levels of the toys and provide variety. As they become confident in solving the puzzles, their capabilities can be stretched to master something new or more difficult. You will be rewarded massive demonstrations of happiness when they are successful at mastering their brainteasers!

 Senior citizens

Just like humans, animals also suffer from cognitive dysfunction as they age. The symptoms are similar to that of Alzheimer’s disease. Keeping your pet’s brain active by playfully stimulating them can slow down the process.

 Special needs

These stimulating pet toys, games and puzzles are beneficial and safe to use for dogs recovering from injury or surgery as well as senior pets or arthritic pets. They also help to occupy hyperactive pooches.

Treat dispensing toys are effective to stimulate the appetite of underweight pets, or those who refuse to eat. In nature, wild animals are mentally stimulated when they hunt for food and the activity gives their lives meaning. ‘Hiding’ food and treats in treat dispensing toys, puzzles or games makes eating fun many dogs will eat more when they ‘hunt’ for food. This simple activity gives them a fun ‘job’ to do, giving their days meaning. Treat dispensing toys also help to slowdown pets that eat too fast, improving digestion and helping to manage weight.

 Independent play

Interactive play between owner and pet is not the only beneficial type of play. In fact, independent play is a constructive way of keeping pets entertained and occupied. When pets are left to their own devices, they easily become lonely or bored, leaving them with excess energy, which leads to behavioural problems.

Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude

Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude Interactive Toy

Treat dispensing toys can keep them busy for hours as they have to ‘work’ for their food. It is important to select a high-quality, durable toys that are suitable for your dog or cat’s unique needs. Once such a toy is the Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude available from our shop. High durability and a funky bounce coupled with the patented Treat Meter that randomly dispenses treats and provides your dog with hours of fun and rewards.

Remember, a healthy pet body houses a healthy pet mind! Through play, your pet will achieve both and you are guaranteed to have fun with your furry friend too.

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