The Importance of Interactive Play

By Valdette Muller| July 4, 2013 | Blog

Valdette running in ocean with GiovanniBy Valdette Muller – Veterinary Nurse

Interactive play, which allows pets to use both their heads and legs, is extremely important for their overall pet health. Yet many owners either don’t have the time to spend with Fido, or don’t know how to play, and neglect this important activity despite the benefits that include:

  •  Expending pent-up energy. Without a positive outlet, pets may display behavioural problems than can range from destructive tendencies to attention-seeking antics.
  • Reducing pet stress. Just like humans, dogs and cats need lots of exercise, mental stimulation and socialising to remain vibrant and balanced. Play is as important to dogs and cats, as relaxation and fun are for humans. Play provides the essential elements of stress relief – a refreshing mental break and healthy physical activity. It also keeps them away from mischief, which relieves the stress of being a pet owner!
  • Bonding opportunities. Playtime gives you and your pet the opportunity to spend time together and strengthen your relationship. At the same time, there is a learning opportunity to master common every-day obedience during these fun and positive moments; for example learning commands like sit, lie down, stay and wait.

BusyBuddy kibble nibble treat dispensing ball

Need some playtime inspiration? Kibble Nibble is an interactive food bowl that will appeal to your dog’s natural instincts byawaking the hunter or worker at mealtimes. Kibble Nibble features two treat meters that will provide hours of fun as they randomly dispense kibbles and treats.

 About Valdette Müller:

Veterinary nurse, Sr. Valdette Müller, founded Shinga in 2008. Her love for animals and passion for their well-being, motivates Valdette to provide pet owners the knowledge and tools to:

  •  enrich their pets’ lives;
  • strengthen the relationship between owners and pets;
  • encourage constructive playtime; build the animals’ confidence;
  • keep them entertained when the owners are away from home;
  • minimise destruction resulting from boredom.


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