Does Your Dog Have A Dry Nose?

By Valdette Muller| November 7, 2017 | Blog


A dog’s nose has a natural way of changing throughout the day.

There are times when you will need to worry about your dog’s dry nose and other times you should not be as worried.

From wet to cool, from warm to dry. Most times, a dry nose is a completely normal phenomenon. But what should you do when a dry nose persists for several days?

Why is a dog’s nose wet in the first place?

A dog’s nose is one of the most sensory body parts along with their ears. Two reasons for why a dog’s nose is naturally wet:

  1. A dog’s “wet” nose can help your dog regulate their temperature, and guides them when to cool down or warm up. Dogs have no sweat glands like humans so they “sweat” through their noses and foot pads.
  2. The “wet” on the nose is actually a thin layer of mucus that helps your dogs superior smelling abilities. This wet layer of mucus helps the nose absorb scent and detect odours for longer. A dog may even start licking its nose in order to actually “taste” the smell that becomes absorbed.

Reasons a dog may have a dry nose.

During sleep: A dog’s nose goes dry naturally during sleep time. Your dog may wake up with a dry nose after their nap, this is completely normal.

Too much heat: If your dog stands too close to the heater in the house this could be why their nose is more dry than usual. Use petroleum jelly on your dog’s nose, especially during the colder months.

A sunburn: Your dog may have had too much fun in the sun with out protection. If your dog has a red or pink nose with blistering or flaky skin, we recommend staying out of the sun for a while or get pet sun block for protecting their sensitive snouts. It is very important because repeated sunburn can lead to skin cancer.

Your dog may have allergies: Dogs with allergies tend to get dryer noses then usual. Your dog may need to see a vet if this is the case, and have them prescribe medication to help with the dryness.

Your dog may have a skin disorder: Underlying medical issues such as skin disorders can make your dog’s nose looked cracked, or expose sores or bleeding scabs. Please see your vet and let them evaluate the problem so that they may prescribe medication for the extreme dryness.

Dehydration: A dry nose is just one of the symptoms of severe dehydration, others are dry gums and weakness. Try to give the dog water and seek medical attention from your veterinarian.

Does my dog’s dry nose mean he/she is sick?  A dry nose does not always mean that your dog is sick. However if you suspect your dog might be ill or have noticed other symptoms that may indicate your dog may be ill, it is always good to go to the vet for a check up and let them evaluate your dog further.

Ways you can help.

 If you know your dog has allergies, give your dog relief by removing the culprits. Certain dog foods, treats and household products can also spark your dog’s allergies. Try to identify and remove potential allergens from your home.

Get your vet involved by contacting them and have them prescribe medication or ointments that would help your pooch’s dry nose problem.Dermoscent_Bio_Balm

Give your dog relief on their nose by purchasing a nose balm that can soothe your dog’s dry and irritated skin. Dermoscent Bio Balm is great for dry noses, paws and calluses.

This balm is perfect against cracks and dryness of the nose. It works wonders for long walks and runs in cold or hot weather.



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