DIY Doggy Spa Day

By Valdette Muller| August 5, 2019 | Blog

Treating your dog and pampering them is a great way to show how much you love and care for them.

Giving your dog a spa treatment at home is not only fun and enjoyable, it also has numerous benefits.

It helps build the bond between the two of you and there is a lot of opportunity for bonding between all the washing, drying, brushing and grooming.

From the dog’s perspective, they love to be touched and pampered by their owners but they can also be a little apprehensive about the bathing and the nail clipping. Even if your pampered pooch does not enjoy the pedicure as much as you do, you can still make your at-home spa day together incredibly enjoyable.

For some dogs Saying the ‘B’ word can send them into a panic, but setting the mood and creating a spa-like vibe helps us all to relax and get the job done at home quite nicely.

Things you will need

  • A pin brush or Slicker brush
  • Some nice pet shampoo
  • Nail clippers
  • Towels
  • A bath of warm water

Start the day off right for the spa treatment by planning the entire treatment from start to finish so everything is prepared and this will go a long way to make the experience smoother.

Start off your spa treatment by getting both your heart rates up with your dog’s favourite activity/game and a bit of exercise. This could be tossing the ball in the backyard or just going for a run along their favourite trail. Keep your exercise time short and simple and make it about your dog and what they enjoy most. This will help tire them out and will help relax your dog before the treatment.

Set the scene

Set the scene for your spa treatment at home with your dog. Dim the lights, light some candles, incense, or diffusers with scents that are calm and relaxing for both you and your dog. Be sensitive to your dog’s strong nose and be careful to not overpower them with strong scents; the goal is a relaxing mood – for both of you!


After your dog has had a bit of exercise and has tired themselves out, give them a gentle massage. Have your dog stand and work your way from the top of the head down towards the neck, gently rubbing in small circles pulling the skin and muscles back away from their head. 

Have your dog sit or lie down and begin to work your dogs shoulders. Using the tips of your fingers, tap into the muscles with circular motions for a soft gentle massage. Dog’s shoulders carry much of their weight and are usually under quite a bit of stress and tension. Remember to work through the massage slowly for maximum pampering effect!


Once the massage is complete, give your pup a pedicure. Do this by clipping their nails, watching carefully for the quick that hides inside the nail which could cause bleeding if cut. If you want, you can also give your dog’s nails a beautiful colour with nail polish during this pedicure.

Warm bath

Make sure that the bath is ready while you give your dog a pedicure. Use a sweet smelling shampoo that not only conditions their skin and strengthens their coat but also gives them a radiant scent.

Dry and brush

Once your dog is out of the bathtub, carefully pat them dry with a towel and brush their coat through from head to tail, top to bottom. Take your time with your dog and use soft, slow motions to brush though the fur. Brushing also helps with stimulating the hair follicles and allows the furs natural oils to spread through the coat.

Treat time

Get some treats that you can give to your dog to reward them for the end of their spa treatment. This can be a favourite fruit or vegetable that your dog loves or let them play with their favourite toy.



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