The difference between a Bulldog and a Bull Terrier

By Valdette Muller| May 22, 2015 | Blog

BulldogComparing the Bulldog with the Bull Terrier breed is a little like comparing a Volvo station wagon to a Toyota Hilux bakkie. Both are good in their own way but apart from being cars, or rather then, dogs, there are few similarities.

Distinctive looks and temperaments

Bull terriers have smooth, football-shaped heads, pointed ears, almond-shaped eyes and strong muscular bodies. Like the Hilux, they’re built to work effectively and because they’re often used as guard dogs, they quite appropriately look rather scary and are known for being aggressive and protective. However, they are also friendly and boisterous pack-animals that love being with their human families.

Bulldogs on the other hand, have distinctive faces that are adorned with wrinkled skin on the skull and forehead as well as massive jaws and hanging upper lips. In addition to being known for its cartoon-like appearance, the bulldog is also known as a friendly, patient, loyal, child-friendly breed. They’re the dependable Volvo station wagon of dogs in that they are sweet natured but will also protect their families fearlessly if provoked.

Bull Terrier

Day-to-day life with a bull terrier and bull dog

Grooming: Generally, both breeds require very little grooming although they shed regularly. Frequent brushing will reduce shedding, and will help soften and clean their coats. Other than that, the odd bath and teeth brushing session will suffice.

Training: Both breeds are relatively challenging to train and will likely frustrate first-time dog owners.

Activity levels: Bull terriers are much more active than bulldogs and make fantastic exercise companions for their owners. Bulldogs need gentle exercise to help maintain their weight but older dogs can happily do without it for days. Suffice to say, their build is more suited to comfort than it is to speed.

Bull dogWatchdog ability: Bull terriers are more aggressive than bull dogs and make better guardians against intruders. While the bull terrier will bark to alert its owners to problems, the bulldog is unlikely to bark. Furthermore, the bull terrier is more likely to defend its owner and family, although the bulldog should not be underestimated in threatening situations.

Family friendliness: Bull terriers are generally not recommended for families with young children and unless they grow up with another pet, any new pet’s life will sadly become endangered the moment it moves in with the bull terrier. A bulldog is a favourite family dog who will be friendly to little kids, visitors and other animals.

Health: Bull terriers generally have fewer health problems than bulldogs and are likely to live longer.

So, which breed is better you may ask? The answer is of course that it depends on what you want, just like when choosing between the Volvo and the Toyota. We know this however; both breeds are purebred animals who will give you years of companionship and loyalty.


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