Are you cut out to adopt a pet?

By Valdette Muller| September 9, 2014 | Blog

Love and AffectionAsking yourself honest questions that bring about change in your life, bad or good, isn’t something that happens every day. That does not mean we shouldn’t ask ourselves these important questions, especially when we are deciding on important matters like adoption. Adopting a pet is not just something you can decide on instantly without having to consider the many other aspects that come with making such a decision. There are lifestyle changes to consider among others. One thing is for certain, nothing beats the love and affection that a pet brings to your life.

Josh Billings once said that a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself and we believe all pets have so much love to offer. If as human beings we fail to see this, there is a possibility that the society in general is in fact not sure of what unconditional love is. Think about this for a moment.

Adoption programmes championed by animal shelters go to great effort when it comes to educating communities about pet adoption and continuing care for pets, sometimes with little or no resources. On any given day you might have passed your local animal shelter or seen their promotional tours calling on citizens to adopt pets. If you have time, visit them to gain an understanding of what it takes to care for pets. While most people believe that shelters only house abused and stray animals, shelters are also accommodating pets from owners who no longer feel that they are capable of properly looking after their furry friends. Both senior and younger pets are at these shelters, just waiting for you to say: “I am here to take you home”.

Why adopt a pet?

Dogs and cats come in different breeds and each has a personality of its own. So, deciding on which breed to adopt may be quite tricky. One should first consider your own lifestyle, when choosing a breed as it is important to choose a breed that complements that lifestyle.  Not so long ago we discussed in detail which breeds suit certain lifestyles, read it here Which dog breed is right for you?

Think of health benefits – caring for a pet brings with it fulfilment and purpose in life. A fulfilled individual is always energised and reacts better to conditions like stress.

Adopt_a_PetDid you know that by adopting a pet you could be saving a life? Pets that are at the shelters may sometimes increase in number so dramatically that it becomes very difficult for other needy pets to be accommodated. By adopting a pet, others are therefore saved. You will also be enabling the shelter to continue functioning and provide better care to the animals.

Adopting a pet is an amazing and a wonderful experience…and a way to bring some paws love into your life, after all!

What are the animals shelters saying?

Barking Mad one of the Shinga Buy For Charity initiative say:

When you adopt a dog you are pawsitively saving a life. Sharing your life with an animal companion is a life enriching experience. There are so many abandoned animals that are desperately in need of a loving and forever home

Images via Ponca City and Nozin


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