Pet Care

  • Puppypuppy

    By | January 29, 2018 | Blog

    Your dog is pregnant and is ready to give birth soon. If you have limited experience in these matters, the process leading up to the birth can be rather stressful. Two important things to remember when preparing for puppies:  Your mommy dog knows and

  • Catcancer2

    By | January 29, 2018 | Blog

    Cancer found in cats is not as common as it is in dogs, yet it sadly still affects a number of our feline friends. Cats have the tendency to mask an illness or discomfort, which then can lead to a late diagnosis with more costly treatments. It is devastating

  • litter_SJ_01

    By | December 18, 2017 | Blog

    What's the worst that can happen if I don't clean the litter box? Apart from the stench that can emanate from a sitting litter box, there is the potential for the spread of disease as well. Part of the responsibility of owning a cat is that a litter box comes

  • Eating problem 2

    By | December 18, 2017 | Blog

    A dog having an eating disorder is not one of the things a dog owner expects to encounter. You expect your dog to eat regularly and enjoy their food, but an eating problem or a disorder can plague a high number of dogs. There are a number of speculations on

  • Hot dog2

    By | December 18, 2017 | Blog

    As the weather gets hotter we need to be more aware of the effects it can have on our pets. Unfortunately there are still many misconceptions regarding leaving our dogs in parked cars. Many of these misconceptions have led to dangerous practices that can

  • Food 2

    By | November 30, 2017 | Blog

    Food allergies account for 10% of all the allergies seen in dogs. Food allergies are the 3rd most common cause of allergens after flea bite allergies and atopy (inhalant allergies). While we watch out for our own children and adult related allergies, our pets

  • Eating disorders

    By | November 28, 2017 | Blog

    This is a very real and a complex problem that some dog owners face. There are a number of eating disorders affecting dogs, including overeating, under-eating, Pica, Scoffing or blotting and Coprophagia or faeces eating. If you have a dog that has any of

  • nose_SJ_01

    By | November 7, 2017 | Blog

    A dog's nose has a natural way of changing throughout the day. There are times when you will need to worry about your dog's dry nose and other times you should not be as worried. From wet to cool, from warm to dry. Most times, a dry nose is a completely

  • SH_Vaccine_SJ_01-

    By | September 30, 2017 | Blog

    When and why should my kitten be Vaccinated? When kittens are nursing from their mother, antibodies in their mother’s milk help protect them from infections. After your new kitten has left their mother's milk and has been eating solid food for about 6 weeks,