Cat Flap Training

By Valdette Muller| December 18, 2017 | Blog

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Some cats will know how to use a cat flap, others will need an extra helping hand.

Most adult cats or kittens can be successfully trained on how to use a cat flap.Magnetic_4_Way_Locking_Deluxe_Cat_Flap_2

Cats that are used to using a cat flap may even become suspicious of a new cat flap and may find it harder to rely on the new one installed.

The best and easiest way for a cat to learn and get used to a cat flap is by having another cat or small dog show them how to use it. If you have other pets in the home that know how to use it, it will be a matter of time before the less experienced cat is influenced and starts using it for itself.

If you do not have that option then the responsibility falls on you to show your cat how to use the cat flap.

Here are some tips to try when training your cat:

Installing the cat flap properly: Make sure you do not install your cat flap too high or too low on the wall or the door. The flap should be the same height as your cat’s belly is to the floor.

Introducing the cat flap: For tiny kittens or timid cats, pressing their head against the flap can take quite a bit of effort as they can get scared quite easily and may never want to go near the cat flap again. The best thing is to keep the cat flap fully open with a piece of string holding it up with tap or hook. This way your cat will learn it is a hole go in and out of.

Treats and more treats: Bribing your cat with treats is always a good idea when teaching them something new. Place treats or a bit of cat food on both sides of the cat flap so that it will entice them to push through it. Calling them and showing them that the flap opens and swings can help them to learn how to open the cat flap themselves.

Luring them with entertainment: Play with them in and out of the cat flap by wiggling some cat toys through the cat flap. This can help a cat get excited to get at the toys or your fingers that keep poking out from the cat flap.

Once your cat is used to it: It is important that your cat gets used to the feel of the flap on the back and the front of of their head. Do this by opening the cat flap slightly so that your cat can be encouraged to try and get through. Once your cat has started going through the door, let go of the flap gently so that your cat can feel it on its forehead and body as it goes through it. Eventually your cat will need to push the flap the whole way by itself.

Learn to be patient: Every cat learns at their own pace and you may have to be a little patient depending on how long the training takes. Never give up on teaching your cat new things. You will benefit as much as your cat will from the experience.



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