5 reasons why cats leave home and end up in shelters

By Valdette Muller| November 11, 2014 | Blog


James Bowen wrote a book about his encounter with a stray cat named Bob. In his book titled, ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’, which became an instant hit with book lovers, he highlighted stray cat’s lives on the streets in as honest a way as possible, and with humour. His story, however, is one of a kind and cats are usually not as lucky as  Bob – who was afforded a happy ending.

A popular online chat platform, where people talk about lifestyle issues, had one of the users asking if it was possible to ‘get rid of stray cats’. His reasoning was that stray cats live in his yard for months on end, which makes his own cats extremely uncomfortable. cats running awayHis cats hardly venture outside, since stray cats started roaming his yard. He was immediately advised to seek advice from his local animal rescue organisation as they help roundup these strays and attempt to rehabilitate them, with the end goal of finding them suitable accommodation.

But why would cats leave their home?

  1. When there is a new pet in the house. They may feel threatened and subsequently leave home. It is very important to properly socialise your new pet so as to avoid unnecessary conflict between pets and the inevitable “searchparties”.
  2. Home renovations can cause extreme stress and anxiety. Cats often have difficulty with changes to their environments
  3. Health related conditions like stress and anxiety. Often related to the above point.
  4. Cats may leave home to for mating purposes.
  5. Cats that are mistreated or neglected leave home.

What can you do to avoid losing your cat?

  • First and foremost, treat your cat well and make her feel loved and cared for.
  • A microchip can help to trace your cat with ease when she disappears. Get her microchipped at your local veterinary clinic.
  • Use an identification collar with your latest contact details on.
  • Mentally stimulated cats are happy cats. Consider getting them interactive toys and games.

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