5 Amazing Pet Gadgets

By Valdette Muller| November 7, 2017 | Blog

Pet gadgets

Today there is plenty of brand new and innovative “pet-tech” for our furry companions.

Most “pet tech” is designed to be helpful and make our pet’s lives as convenient as possible.

Some of these products may even help when it comes to safety, curbing poor eating habits, boredom or even providing relief to an ailment or health problem.

Here are a few of the latest pet gadgets that we provide:

SnuggleSafe Instant Pet Cooling Pad

This instant cooling pad helps to reduce your pet’s body temperature which can help a lot if you are travelling in a car.SnuggleSafe_Cooling_Pad

Dogs do not sweat as we do so in order to cool themselves down, they rely primarily on their circulatory systems such as panting or sweating through their noses or paw pads.

The SnuggleSafe Cool Pad can help keep your pet comfortable in very hot weather as this cool pad automatically cools down when an animal sits on it.

When using this cooling pad on your pet, there is no freezing, electricity, or wires required.

These pads can be used daily for approximately 2 hours, but to re-cool you must please place the SnuggleSafe Cooling pad in a cool place for about an hour (not a fridge).

They are easy to clean, as you only have to wipe them with a damp cloth and a non-bleach cleaning agent.

Lena Water and Food DispensersLena_Food_Dispenser

These water and food dispensers allow you to leave your pet at home without worrying over whether your pet has or will have fresh water or food while you are away.

These dispensers are great for dogs and cats and are easy to use and easy to clean. They can hold up to 3 Litres.

Rogz RogLite

These Roglites are great for keeping you and your dog safe and visible while you embark on late afternoon or evening adventuring, walks or runs. R_Roglite1

They are specially designed for versatility and fit anywhere on you or your pet. They can hang freely or can be clipped onto a collar, lead, or harness.

They are highly visible, and ultra bright and can be seen in darkness or mist.

They are even water resistant and fully submergible. They come in several colours and have an on, off and flash setting.

The Automatic Ball Launcher

This automatic ball launcher defines ball heaven!Automatic_Ball_Launcher_2

Great for indoor and outdoor use, this launcher is water proof and has 9 distance and 6 angle settings available for you to choose from.

This sturdy machine has proven to work for all dog types and sizes.

It has multiple built-in safety sensors to keep people and pets safe while playing fetch.

Pet Cam

If you ever wondered what your pet gets up to when you are not at home?Pet_Cam

With this great state of the art pet-tech, you can check in on them while you are at work,  or if you are out doing the shopping. Just connect to the Pet Cam with your tablet or smart phone.

The Pet Cam is wonderful and ideal for monitoring your office, home or business, day and night with HD image quality.

Helpful for watching over new puppies, monitoring sick pets, and for checking in on them and the pet sitter.


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